Friday, May 31, 2013

I've Made it to May

Since May is the gateway to summer, there was fun to be had!  I spent two weekends at wine festivals.   First up, Wine in the Woods in Maryland.  Since visiting four vineyards in Maryland last summer, I was excited to see what the great crab state had to offer.  All in all, a fun time, despite the rain.  My favorite of the day was because of their sweeter wines that just scream summer! I was also happy to see The Winery at Olney and Elk Run Vineyard there.  I do have to admit that there a few wineries where I didn't like one single glass.  Not one.  A travesty, really.

Memorial Day Weekend was spent celebrating my dear friend Kristy's 35th birthday at ValleyFest Beer and Wine Festival located right in Massanutten Resort.  The festival had way more beer than wine, but we made sure to drink and taste our fair share of both.  I was initially a bit wary about the beer fest part, but it was nice to try so many different beers and ciders that I would never really seek out.

And then I discovered THIS. Can we say highlight of the trip!? Everyone should make giant chocolate chip cookies in skillets.

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