Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Lord!

That seems to be the phrase that pays these days.

It's now March.  MARCH!!  The last few months...

I turned 31...doesn't feel much different than 30.

I got cleared to run. Yes, I am running again and it's the best.  I'm happy that I'm actually continuing my physical therapy exercises and really listening to my body.  I am slightly paranoid of getting injured and as race season approaches, I cannot afford to be sidelined again.

I discovered the joy that is working in an elementary school.  There is still stress and paperwork. But those kids give the best smiles and are the sweetest/cutest little things.  

I enjoyed a lot of snow days.  This is the best winter to be a teacher.  An unexpected break never fails and I'll worry about how the days get made up later.  I am, however, looking forward to more daylight and warmer temps.  

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