Thursday, March 6, 2014

40 Days....

of no cupcakes, cookies, donuts. Those are my dessert weaknesses.  Day 1 done, and so far, so good. 39 to go.  For Lent, I typically just try to incorporate something, but this year I decided to add and take away something.  In addition to eliminating sugary carbs, I'm committing to Pure Barre at least twice a week. This is in addition to my training program for two upcoming 10-milers and one half-marathon.  A new Pure Barre studio opened up near me and I bought a 5-week package deal.  Let me tell you, hardest thing I've ever done.  I'd like to think I've tried some pretty intense workouts, but this is like nothing I've experienced before.  Muscles I didn't know I had, in places I've never felt, HURT. A. LOT.  It's suppose it's all a good thing though, because as hard as it is and despite all the shaking (and there's lots of shaking), I'm intrigued enough to keep going back.  In fact, I just read this and it spoke to me:

"It’s about taking it to your edge, trying things you didn’t think were possible, taking yourself out of your comfort zone and believing in yourself.  Discovering you are so much stronger than you realize and embracing that sense of accomplishment with how far you have come. It just keeps getting better…"

Pretty good wisdom to apply to all things in life, huh? 

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