Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Throwback Thursday

For awhile now, I've seen people expressing things they are thankful for on Thursdays. And more recently, it's been Throwback Thursday with lots of pics popping up on social media outlets from years past.  So how about Thankful Throwback Thursday??

I am thankful that I was a cute kid and word on the street is that I look exactly the same. So that means I'm still cute, right?!

Signature Pose. 1984.

I am thankful for friendships that continue to grow with people I've known for over half my life and I have to say we've all aged well!

E6 Antics. 1999?

I am thankful for a wonderful college experience.  I have been feeling nostalgic about Wake Forest lately, so I am glad a reunion with these girls is in the works.

Wake Reunion in Boston. 2007.


  1. So, yay! I just saw this on gchat. And I love this pic. We need to start planning. NYC 2013!! :)

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  3. when are we ever going to rebuild that pyramid??? When the last of E6 gets married????