Monday, April 15, 2013

We are Runners

Today our running community is full of heart ache.

I spent the majority of my morning watching the live coverage of the race.  I was in awe of the elite athletes from start to finish.  I steadily checked the progress of three friends running the marathon and I cheered.  For my friends, for runners hoping to PR, for runners supporting charities and for runners just out to finish.  I cheered for all the runners at my desk and smiled ear-to-ear at their accomplishments.

When I arrived home, my smile quickly turned to tears at the awful news.  How could this happen?

The runners just wanted to run.
The spectators just wanted to show their support.
The race staff just wanted the event to go as smoothly as possible.

Running is time to escape the frustration of any day.
Running is time to push yourself, often beyond what you ever thought possible.
Running is time to let your mind wander.
Running is time to enjoy the newest song you downloaded.
Running is time to chase a new PR and grin at receiving a new medal.
Running is not time for tragedy.

I've always said runners are the nicest people.  Because it's true.

We are supportive.
We are passionate.
We are determined.
And we will continue to run.

Tomorrow our hearts will still ache, but we will lace up our sneakers.  And we will run.  For Boston.

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