Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life Lately

So, it's been a month since my last blog update.  I don't really even have much to report, but I figured a post was necessary since I might look back and wonder how March treated me.

I've been in quite the routine, but I'd say it's a routine that I'm content with.  Running on the weekend, including a new running group with some fabulous ladies, time with friends and of course, wine.

I finally saw The Legwarmers show!  I've heard about this group for years, but just never made it to a show. It was a fun excuse to dress in  a classic 80s outfit and listen to music reminding me of my childhood.

The next day was spent wine touring in Loudoun County.  We were quite ambitious and made it to to four wineries.  Our first stop was Breaux Vineyards, then Doukenie, followed by North Gate and Sunset Hills Vineyard.  My favorite places of the day were Doukenie and North Gate.  I loved the setting of Doukenie and know it's a must-return-to-spot once the weather actually turns nice.  We were lucky enough to see some snow flurries while out and about.  I also really loved North Gate thanks to the wine and chocolate pairing we did.  Who can say no to that?

The next day I ran in the Reston 10 Miler.  Drinking lots of wine may or may not be the best way to prepare for a race.  You can find my race review featured here! (I guess this officially makes me a guest blogger, right??)

This past weekend, I ran a new 5K PR at the Lucky Leprechaun 5K!  I originally was just running to accompany a friend, but I noticed my pace (quick for me) during the first mile and began chasing the clock! I was happy with a final time of 29:20 minutes with an average 9:28 minute mile pace.  Maybe one day I'll finally be able to hit a sub-9:00 minute/mile.

St. Patrick's Day weekend was capped off by a fabulous brunch with some great friends.  Brunch might be my favorite thing ever, so this was the perfect day.

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